Dilan Kocair
Service Provider Timesheet
Dilan Kocair · almost 2 years ago · Question
Dilan Kocair

Hi everyone,

We have some questions about the service procurement & timesheet topics. We're interested in both the planned and actual quantities but only the planned amounts in the system. We've gone through J13 but we still have some questions.

Here's what we've done so far: We created a vendor & service provider. Saved the cost center and service cost level in the employee record for the service provider. Then we assigned the service provider to a work package. We created a PO for that service provider & work package. The service provider recorded his activities via Manage My Timesheet app and the project manager approved of them. At this point, we expected that the consumed quantity & amount would be reflected on FI/CO/PS related reports (like credit on the service provider cost center and debit on the project) but there is no posting.

+ Do we have to have a purchase contract or only PO is sufficient?

+ Do we have to have a service entry sheet as well? Is the timesheet not enough?

+ If we have an SES, when will the hours/amounts consumed be reflected on the reports? Do we have to post the invoice as well? (We do not wish to post the invoice, we're only interested in planned amounts calculated from the PO price or SCL rate.) 

Many thanks in advance!