ASSET configuration
Laure · over 2 years ago · Question

Dear SAP community,

I have to manage the Asset configuration for my customer and I have a lot of doubts.

Does anybody have a documentation on this part? How does it works now in the cloud?

1. How are managed the different charts of depreciation? I have several countries to configure and I do not see anything on it.

2. How can I assign some depreciation areas to some chart of depreciation? I do not see the point in the tab 22 of the SSCUI file (see attachment). It seems that a column is missing for the Chart of depreciation.

3. How can I determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class to manage different useful lifes?

4. How can I manage postings in local and IFRS ledger?

Thank you in advance for your help,Asset configuration.jpg

Best regards,

Laure Altazin