Rafa Vazquez
How to set the field Material with a default value?
Rafa Vazquez · about 2 years ago · Question
Rafa Vazquez

Hi SAP-Community,

i'm trying to do something that should be relativ simple but somehow doesn't work.

In a S/4HC release 1911. My User has all roles. 

I want to set a material as a standard value. This are the steps that i am doing:

- Go to Me area > Settings > Default values > Materials management. 

- There I select one particular material. 

- Click on save. 

- Go to manage purchase orders 

- There should appear the selected material, but it doesn't.

- It works with other fields, but not with the material.

2019-01-02 10_30_10-Manage Purchase Orders.pngCould someone please tell me what i'm missing?

Thanks in advance.

Rafael Fernandez

ps: a happy new year for you all. ;-)