Anna Rafter
Purchase Order Item / Batch Report
Anna Rafter · over 2 years ago · Question
Anna Rafter

In our purchase flow, we purchase materials from a determinate batch. I can create a batch number in “Create purchase order – Advanced” (Image)

 But I can´t find any report I can see relation between purchase order number item and batch.

 I have looked for CDS views, but I haven´t found any with this information.

 In I_MaterialDocumentItem I can see that information, but just for goods movement documents, not for purchase order items with batch that still has no material movements.

 In I_PurchaseOrderItem I can´t see batch information.

 In SAP R/3 that information is stored at EKET table. I have even try to find in I_SchedgAgrmtItm CDS view, but no batches too.

 That information is stored somewhere in S4HC, but… How can I access that info to show it in a report?

 Thank you for advance.

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