Jose Maria Odriozola
Adobe LiveCycle - split long text into internal table
Jose Maria Odriozola · over 1 year ago · Question
Jose Maria Odriozola


I'm working in S4HANA Cloud Public so the forms we have to do we here are all adobe forms and we can't change the source forms(We just can add a limited number of variables), but we can't add a new internal table to the source form.

The problem is the customer needs to transform a header text like you can see in the "header text.jpg" image attached(the image is of an R3, but in Cloud we make the same).

And we need to transform the text to a table in the form similar to the table you can see in the "table of form.png" image attached.

Can anyone say me the script we can use for transform a long text into multiple text and print it into a tbale of the form?

Thank you very much