Thomas Born
Custom User Field for supplier invoice item and journal entry items
Thomas Born · over 1 year ago · Question
Thomas Born


We like have create a custom business field in the Business Context "Account: Journal Entry Item" and were hoping it is available to be entered via Supplier Invoices (GL Items) or Post General Journal. We have activated following

UI and Reports

  • Accounting Journal Entry item Cube
  • All BS accounts and RE accounts
  • Display Line Items in General Ledger
  • GL Account Line Items Cube
  • GL Account Line Item with Semantic Tag
  • Journal
  • Journal Entry Analyzer
  • Journal Entry item
  • Manage Journal Items

OData APIs

  • API for Journal Entry Item Basic

Unfortunately we are unable to view and maintain the field via Create Supplier Invoice or Post General Journal Entries. The field is not available via Adapt UI, but then I believe the fields displayed for a specific account are driven by the field status group? What are we missing?