Ryan Muller
Maintaining Clearing Accounts
Ryan Muller · about 2 years ago · Question
Ryan Muller

We have a new company code that we're starting to transact against and our accounting team got the error below when trying to post a journal entry. I've searched thru the SSCUI and not found anything related to the maintenance of clearing accounts. Based on what I've seen on the error thru a search, on prem resolution seems to be thru transaction OBYAbut I have no idea what that transactions equivalent is in S/4HC.

Thanks in advance!


No accts maintained for company code clearing between comp.cds 1753 and 1760.


In company code clearing, clearing accounts must be maintained for the affected company codes.

System Response

Company code clearing is required for the posting. You cannot carry out the posting if you have not assigned any clearing accounts.


Maintain the clearing accounts.

Message no. F5730