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Project Planning & Tracking
Ryan Muller · about 2 years ago · Question
Ryan Muller

We're trying to figure out the project tracking functionality in S4HC. The best practice scripts, flows, and web tutorials (1NT, 1A8, 35E, 35F) have had some value to us, but we're still a bit confused on some of the functionality/limitations and the levels that we should or have to record plan/budget data at.

We track budgets in excel right now which while isn't uncommon, but is unwieldy at best with a hundred new stores being constructed annually, existing store refreshes and dozens of OpEx and CapEx initiatives we're trying to keep track of an analyze.

Here are some questions I have and I hope that you guys can help out or at least give me a more plain explanation on how it works most of which surround budgets/plans, but also the type of project:

Project Types & Functionality:

  • What are the differences and reasons you would use the Internal Projects (in 1A8) vs Statistical Projects (in 1NT)? I'm having a hard time figuring out the advantages of one vs the other (besides Manage/Create Internal Projects app has a bit of more intuitive interface)
    • Can you assign PO's, Invoices, Journal Entries, etc against both?
    • What is the difference between how expected costs/expenses are captured and entered for each?


  • I know that you can configure planning categories but what are the default values intended use/limitations? Of those defaults, I assume Pln (Plan) is the standard annual stake in the ground that isn't supposed to change. Is BUDGET01 supposed to be the working budget that changes over time? How do we track the different budget versions? Create BUDGET0X or does the system keep track of versioning and overwrites? I'm just trying to think about how we'd update the working budget/forecast on an ongoing basis.
  • Is there any way to enter plan or budget data for a project beyond the upload template?
  • Most of our annual projects don't have an expected spend date for them and for some we don't know all of the cost centers/gl accounts involved (ex. we have $3million budgeted for project x in 2019 which may span 1 cost center gl account or many over the course of the year it isn't all defined day 1). It appears that the upload template requires not only a cost center and fiscal year, but also fiscal period, and gl account. is there anyway to just enter for the fiscal year or change the cost centers gl accounts on the fly?
  • We also have projects like new store creations that span multiple years, would we have to break out and enter plans/budgets based on fiscal year/period/ gl account in those cases?
  • It seems that the plan and budget/forecast loading has a pretty rigid detailed structure, is there any way to make it less granular and more flexible?

Thanks in advance for the help!