Migration of G/L balances
Christopha · over 1 year ago · Question

Dear SAP experts,

I have a few short questions regarding the migration of G/L balances. We are going live on 01.07.2019 and the migration key date is set to 30.06.2019:

  • Is it correct to use the migration template "FI - G/L account balance and open/line item" for migration of the (balance sheet) G/L accounts balances for June? If not, which document do we have to use?
  • Is it correct to use "39916000 - Initial other G/L offset" as offsetting account (as some actual SAP documents say that this account is obsolete)?
  • Do we have to use the "30.06.2019" as document date within the template?
  • What has to be entered in the field for "Reference Document Number"?
  • Is there anything else that is important that I am missing?

I have already read some other blogs ( but unfortunately I could not find the right answers.

I would be really glad if someone could shortly answer my questions, as we are really struggling with this at the moment.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards