Nitin Fatnani
Authorization - How to restrict posting against certain Bank G/L Accounts in app - Post Outgoing Payments
Nitin Fatnani · over 1 year ago · Question
Nitin Fatnani

Dear Community,

We are using the app 'Post Outgoing Payments' for making Supplier Payments.

We have multiple bank accounts and all of them have their respective G/L Accounts.

Also, we have multiple branch offices in the same company code and each of them have a separate AP accountant.


We do not want a particular branch office accountant to be able to make a payment posting from the Bank G/L that is not applicable for that particular branch office.


What we observe is that currently all the bank G/Ls are visible in the G/L Account field in the above app, and the system even allows the user to post the transaction against any of the G/L.


We have been unable to find any field in the business catalog SAP_FIN_BC_AP_PAY_PROC_PC on which we could restrict the same.

Note - We have maintained the restriction on the field combination 'Short Key for a House Bank' and 'ID for Account Details' in the role that contains the above catalog, but that isnt restricting the payment postings.

We would like to understand how we can achieve our requirement?

Kindly guide us if anyone of you has come across this or knows a workaround.