Martin Pfaifer
Authorization to access/change Workflow for Procurement - S/4HANA Cloud
Martin Pfaifer · about 2 years ago · Question
Martin Pfaifer


I wonder how to restrain access and/or modification on workflows for procurement : purchase orders and purchase contracts workflows.

I need 2 types of business users : users with the Purchaser Business Role and users with the Purchasing Manager Role. I also need no access to the workflows for the Purchasers and rights to change the workflows for the Purchasing Managers.

I checked the Purchaser Business role but impossible to avoid access to workflows without reducing access to Procurement Tiles (by definition Purchaser BR is authorized to access and change workflows).

There is another step I did which is definition of a Procurement Team thanks to Manage Team and Responsibilities tile : Purchaser BR authorized for Operational Purchasing and Purchasing Manager BR authorized for both Operational Purchasing & Workflow Administration.

Do you know what I forgot ?

Thanks in advance for your help !