Rafa Vazquez
How to set the currency for purchase organization?
Rafa Vazquez · over 1 year ago · Question
Rafa Vazquez

Hello Community,

in a Q system when I try to create a purchase order from a purchase requisition, the following message appears: 

  • No currency maintained for purch. org. with supplier [X] for PR [X]
  • PO Header Data still faulty
  • Enter currency 

My question is: where can i set the purchase organization currency to EUR? I can not find the rigth SSCUI. Or should i set it in the supplier master data?

Many Thanks in Advance,

Rafael Fernandez

 2019-06-12 13_20_42-Manage Purchase Requisitions.png

PS:Similar happens when I try to create a purchase order. After i enter the supplier i still need to fill the currency field. 
2019-06-12 13_40_13-Purchase Order.png