Daniel Abell
Asset Accounting - Ordinary Depreciation greater than Accumulated Depreciation (FI-AA)
Daniel Abell · over 1 year ago · Question
Daniel Abell

In trying to close the fiscal year in the Asset Accounting subledger in our Q Test environment, I've run into a number of assets in a few of our entities that are giving me errors in depreciation. This is blocking us from closing the previous fiscal year as well as carrying forward balances.

The error is (attached): 

Correction to ordinary dep. greater than acc. dep. in area 01

The line item cannot be posted, since the correction to ordinary depreciation in area 01 exceeds the cumulative ordinary depreciation.

The error can occur during a transfer, a write-up, or post-capitalization.

It would appear that something happened in the Legacy Data Transfer or some setting change that has resulted in the assets that previously had zero net book value to now have a positive accumulated depreciation value but no acquisition/gross. I've attached screen shots to illustrate what we're looking at.

To fix this I've attempted without success:

  • recalculate depreciation
  • rerun carry forward balances
  • change the depreciation key
  • retire/scrap
  • post acquisition transaction
  • delete
  • transfer within company code

I'm  at a loss for how to correct this, but wanted to ask the community if anyone has suggestions before opening an incident with SAP.

thank you!