How material is determined in debit memo request for Time and expense contract type ?
Laurent BOUVIER · about 2 years ago · Question

Hi community !

In professional services, a project is created with a work package and a billing item.

In the billing, a time and expense item is created, and a material is selected. After saving, a sales order for service is created, with the material entered in the billing tab as an item.

Then, after releasing the billing proposal, a debit memo request is created. In this debit memo request, the material is not the same as in the sales order.

Why the material is not the same in the project + sales order and in the debit memo request + invoice ?

How this material has been determined ? Is there a configuration point to do that ?


My assumption is that for time and expense contract type only, the material is determined according to the activity type.

In the on-premise solution, it is done though the DIP profile (Transaction ODP1).

Do you know how it works in S/4 HANA Cloud ?


Thanks for your support !