Andro Horst
Document Splitting & Forex Revaluation
Andro Horst · over 1 year ago · Question
Andro Horst

Good day,

After the 1905 upgrade there are additional configuration items for Document Splitting under SSCUI ID - 103055 (Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling). I would like to know why profit center is not an option for Controlling in this SCCUI Item.

We have cases where invoices to customers does not go through a project. (i.e. the Cost Center or  WBS account assignment category will not be applicable for this SCCUI ID then).

When we execute the Forex Revaluation and the Forex Gains/Loss g/l accounts are set-up as Primary Cost/Revenue (Account Group) and has an assigned cost element category as 1 or 11 we get an error message during the Forex Revaluation that the g/l account requires and assignment to a CO Object. 

Your guidance on how we can solve this issue will be appreciated.