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Foreign Currency Valuation
Andro Horst · about 2 years ago · Question
Andro Horst

Good day,


When we execute APP - Perform Foreign Currency Valuation we get the following error messages "Account 72040000 requires an assignment to a CO object" and "Account 72540000 requires an assignment to a CO object"


The cost center field should not be mandatory when we execute the APP as the cost element for these two accounts was set to 11 - Revenue, therefor we also have not maintained a default cost center in SSCUI ID 100003 for these accounts. The cost object (if any) and profit center for the unrealized gain/loss posting must be derived by the system using document splitting.


However, although the G/L Accounts for Realised Gain&Loss has exactly the same settings as those of Unrealised Gain&Loss the postings generated upon payment clearing post without any error and populates only the profit center where necessary. 

We understand that a CO object is not necessary a cost center, but the argument is that we do not want the system to enforce the entry of a CO object for the generation of the automatic unrealized gain/loss posting.

This works perfectly for the automatic posting of realized gain/loss – the question is why is it not working for unrealized gain/loss?


Please advise on the system behaviour.


See attached word document of scenarios processed and tested. Please note that we have reset and reversed the clearing entries in order to use the same documents in the next scenario tested.