Martin Pfaifer
Initial entry of stock balance S/4HANA Cloud
Martin Pfaifer · almost 2 years ago · Question
Martin Pfaifer


When I am trying to make the initial entry of stock balance on a material (movement 561), I have an error message reading which is diplayed below. How can I correct this to make this initial entry of stock balance ?

Thank you very much !

Fld selectn for mvmt type 561 / acct XXXXXXXX differs for Ext. GA amount in LC (023)

Message no. M7093


Comparison of the field selection strings from movement type 561 and G/L account 39911000 has revealed that there is an incompatible field selection combination at one or more points.

Field for which the field selection is different: Ext. GA amount in LC


On the movement type screen, a given field is a mandatory-entry field, whereas on the G/L account screen, the same field is suppressed.

System Response

You cannot post this transaction, unless you have changed the field selection adequately.


Contact your system administrator.