Thomas Born
Adobe LiveCycle Designer update master template from form template
Thomas Born · about 2 years ago · Question
Thomas Born


I am customising a billing form template for one of our customers. In there I like to update a couple of fields in the master template with information coming from the form template. Can this be achieved through scripting or any other way?

I have tried following in the validate event (for a control) in the form template: 

xfa.resolveNodes("Form.Portrait_OutboundLetter.#pageSet") or xfa.resolveNode("Form.Portrait_OutboundLetter.#pageSet")

But nothing is returned.

Executing xfa.resolveNode("Form.Portrait_OutboundLetter") returns an object, but there are no child nodes available.

Executing xfa.resolveNode("Form") returns an object, and I can see Portrait_OutboundLetter as one of the child nodes.

I can't use binding either because the value that I want to be displayed in the master template is already bound on the form template.