Guillaume Dubeau-M
Guillaume Dubeau-M · almost 2 years ago · Question
Guillaume Dubeau-M

Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to find a more efficient solution to add availability information to the S/4 HANA system for our internal company (we are not using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central). I only found this API for a solution. However, it only allow me to post availability information PER EMPLOYEE and PER DAY. Do you know a faster way I can post availability information for ALL MY EMPLOYEE (basically 8h/working day for everyone) and post it for a RANGE OF DATE (ex. 2019/01/01 to 2019/12/31). 

Thank you

*For your info, here is the link to the API and the code line.

Link : 

Code line : 

  "Personworkagreementexternalid": "string",
  "Companycode": "string",
  "Personworkagreement": "Unknown Type: string,null",
  "Calendardate": "/Date(1492098664000)/",
  "Plannedworkinghours": 999.99,
  "Plannedstarttime": "PT15H51M04S",
  "Plannedendtime": "PT15H51M04S",
  "Publicholidayclass": "Unknown Type: string,null",
  "Isnonworkingday": "Unknown Type: boolean,null",
  "Absencehours": 999.99,
  "Attendancehours": 999.99,
  "Overtimehours": 999.99