Archana L
Application Job management
Archana L · almost 2 years ago · Question
Archana L

Hello Team,

I have few questions on the how application jobs and technical jobs management work in S/4HANA Cloud. Below are the specific questions.

    • How does Job chains work in S/4HANA cloud? (I see in the link that there is a possibility to schedule Job Chains)

    • Is there a possibility to have job priority defined in S/4HANA Cloud?

    • Are there any guidelines around how many jobs can be run at a particular time without impacting the performance

    • Understand that technical jobs will be scheduled and managed by SAP. Can we see the technical jobs in S/4HANA cloud tenant, if yes, where can we see their statuses and logs (is it possible ??)

    • Is there any alerting mechanism possible – eg. If an application job is stuck or failed, how is the user informed about the same

Look forward to a response on the above points.

Thanks & Regards,