Italy Country Version: CUP and CIG codes
Laure · over 2 years ago · Question

Dear all,

I had a workshop for the Italy country version. During this meeting, Key users told us the necessity to manage the CUP and CIG codes. I found an explanation on this topic in the last SAP ECC version: Here is the link:

But there is nothing mentioned for the Italian country version documentation for the S/4H Cloud 1805.

Does anybody knows how to manage it? 

Here is an extract of the  documentation I could find:

In Italy, Government issues CUP and CIG codes to identify contracts or assignments with public investments. These codes help the Government simplify the administrative activities and track the financial data of such public contracts, in an easy and effective manner.

According to the Italian anti-mafia law:

All payments related to a public contract must be registered in one or more bank current accounts dedicated to public work orders.

All bank transfers related to a public contract must have information about the CUP and CIG codes assigned to that contract.

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