Ryan Muller
How to extract large data sets (GL line item details or Journal Entry detail) for auditors
Ryan Muller · over 2 years ago · Question
Ryan Muller

Hi guys,

I'm wondering how other companies are handling requests for large sets of data from auditing companies like Ernst & Young?

In ECC or probably even on prem versions of S/4 you'd have access to pull the BKPF and BSEG tables using a table viewer like SE16N for the quarter or whatever period of time they need (see the attached document provided by EY to us requesting that info). 

In S4HC while we can see a large data set related to Journal Entries or GL line items, the browser times out every time we try to extract them to excel. We cannot even extract a single period at once without it timing out. We average 100,000+ Journal Entries, and 500,000+ GL line items a period. The apps we're using are Manage Journal Entries and G/L Account Line Items - Reporting view to try and extract. 

We're a medium sized company, and I know we're not alone in having journal entry and GL line item counts like this. Extracting a bunch of small files to work around this is the only way to do it at this point, but that is very time consuming and cumbersome. The audit teams also want one file (or very few files) to review and request that we do not manually manipulate the extracts.

Have you guys encountered this issue? How did you work around it?