How to process single consolidated invoice that is across multiple company codes preventing partial payments to vendors?
Milica · almost 2 years ago · Question

We are a SAP customer on the cloud. We have 22 existing company codes and over 1000 cost centers across all of those company codes. We have several instances of consolidated invoices from our vendors that need to be allocated across several company codes and several SAP invoice documents. We operate as a single entity (to our vendors we are just one company), the various company codes and cost centers are our internal hierarchy and we require that all costs be allocated out to the respective business units. 

Due to the invoice being cross company code, we need to enter in a PO per company code. Additionally, we need to enter in a separate invoice per company as well. This means several SAP invoices for one single vendor invoice. We have an invoice approval process which would route all of these different SAP invoices to the various approvers based on company code/cost centers used. Since not all approvers will approve these invoices at exactly the same moment, this means that portions of the vendor invoice are available to be paid out at separate times. We do not want to be paying the 1710 portion of the invoice separately from the 1720 portion of the invoice. Our invoice workflow is based off of the saved as complete status, once approved, status changes to posted and the invoice is available to be paid out. Are there any preventative measures to keep this from happening?

Single Vendor Invoice:

- 1710 portion of invoice entered in as one SAP invoice document- > Goes into invoice approval 

- 1720 portion of invoice entered in as one SAP invoice document -> Goes into invoice approval 

- 1730 potion of invoice entered in as one SAP invoice document -> Goes into invoice approval

Ideally we would not want the 1710, 1720, or 1730 portions to be 'open' in 'Manage Supplier Line Items' until all of the sap invoices are approved. This is a single vendor invoice, we would like to process it as a single invoice. SAP treats cross company code invoices as separate invoices, we need a way to link them together and treat them as a single invoice. We do not want the solution to be journal entries to reclass the expense after the fact. Any suggestions would be helpful, this has caused lots of confusion with our vendors since they are receiving multiple payments for a single invoice at various times.