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ESL declaration / Compliance report FR_ECSL_DCL
Nicolás Abeille · almost 2 years ago · Question
Nicolás Abeille


When a UE entity sells services to a UE partner, it has to produce the monthly ESL declaration.

The compliance report  FR_ECSL_DCL is meant to prepare this declaration and produce the file to be sent to the local administration; the format of this file is different in each country.

In the case of France (I haven't investigates the other countries so far), the compliance report is made of 2 activities:

- Manage Tax Items

- FR EC Sales list v1

Here are my questions:

1. what are the criteria of selection to produce the list of "Manage Tax Items". It seems that the system will pick up all the journal entries with a partner whose country code is different from the company code country code. Is it so?

Why does it take into account the purchases invoice (only the sales should be considered in the declaration)?

Why does it take into account the partners whose country code is not UE?

2. In the "Manage Taxe Items For Leagal reporting" report it seems that we should be able to add some additional journal entries (with the "+" button). We then have to select a company code and a period. But no data is selected. How is it supposed to work?

3. In the "Manage Taxe Items For Leagal reporting" report it seems that we should be able to exclude some journal entries (with the "Document status" buttons). But nothing happens when we click on these buttons.

4. The final declaration should list the VAT identifiers of the partners and the corresponding amounts. The "Manage Taxe Items For Leagal reporting" report doesn't display any of those 2 information. How can we check the comprehensiveness of the selected data?

5. The ESL declaration should match the VAT declaration. Therefore, I was expecting the "Manage Taxe Items For Leagal reporting" reportto display the VAT code. And it is not. Am I missing something in the filosophy of this report?

6. In the "FR EC Sales list v1" activity, in the "Generated section", we have one record per company code. But the company code is not an avalable column. How can an accountant select the record corresponding to the company code he is resposible of.

7. It seems that the "FR EC Sales list v1" activity does not select all the journal entries selected during the first activity. What are the criteria to determine whether a journal entry should be selected in the second activity?

Thanks in advance for your clarifications,