Joanne Lysy
Batch determination configuration steps
Joanne Lysy · about 2 years ago · Question
Joanne Lysy

Hello colleagues,
Could someone please advise on the steps for batch determination configuration?  We have a customer that has enabled batch determination and in a go live situation where some materials are working and some aren't.  The materials that are working were done through expert configuration, the ones they are not they have configured through their implementation partner.  The partner walked us through 2 examples of 1 material that is working, and 1 that is not - a side by side, and both appear to correct, but something is missing and it is not working.  If anyone has a step by step document or could outline the steps with apps, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post to this question.  I have been doing some research and believe this is what needs to happen:

-mark the material in the material master as "batch management"

-configure batch search strategy -> in 1805 there are 4 SSCUI's, all need to be configured

-classification needs to be created -> this is not entirely clear to me what  needs to be done here or where to find it.  Can someone please outline?

-condition records need to created ->  this is not entirely clear to me what needs to be done or where to find the apps.  I searched for "conditions" in the apps, and only pricing conditions came up, nothing for batch.  Do you know which roles need to be assigned to set up these records?  Where do I set up these condition records?

I appreciate any and all help.  As mentioned, this customer is in a go live situation and this is causing a bottleneck.  If you are free and can walk me through it, please reach out to me directly.

Thank you.