Import Financial Plan Data
Christopha · over 1 year ago · Question

Dear SAP experts,

we have uploaded planned project costs via the App "Import Financial Plan Data" using the template for "Project Planning". As plan category we used "PLN".

The values that we uploaded were not only displyed in the app "Projects - Plan/Actual" but also in the PnL report (App "P&L - Plan/Actual"). Our assumption was, that the planning for projects wouldn't affect the planning for the PnL. We would like to plan projects separately from PnL.

Is the above descriped behaviour standard system behaviour and, if so, could you please explain the business context why it is standard system behaviour?

And what is recommended to separate the project planning from the PnL planning? We are thinking of creating an additional plan category and to use this new plan category only for e.g. projects. Would this be the standard way to separate different plannings from each other?

Many thank in advance!

Best regards

Christoph Hacksted