Thomas Born
Splitting billable expenses into taxable and non-taxable
Thomas Born · almost 2 years ago · Question
Thomas Born


We have a scenario where users post travel expenses (for a project) to one G/L account. Some of the expenses are taxable others are not. For example a kilometer allowance is tax-free where as taxi fare would be taxable. When it now comes to billing them (same project), they are mapped to only one material (e.g. E001), which as per material master is taxable, hence the system calculates tax for both.

Example: Taxi fare is $110 which includes $10 GST. Kilometer allowance is $50 (no GST). The billing side shows a net value of $150 + $15GST. However it show show $150 + $10 GST.

Obviously we can code the initial expenses to two different accounts and have one account mapped to E001 and the other account to another (non taxable) material. But is there a way to achieve this using the same material?