Odata not working
Manoj · over 1 year ago · Question

I am fetching role details in my java application using below odata service. Communication arrangement already created.

This service I am able to use to fetch role name using below collection,$format=json

Above works fine but when i use another collection,$format=json

I get below error,



    "error": {

        "code": "SIAG_MSG/104",

        "message": {

            "lang": "en",

            "value": "Unable to convert date and time"


        "innererror": {

            "application": {

                "component_id": "BC-SRV-APS-IAM",

                "service_namespace": "/SAP/",

                "service_id": "APS_IAM_SIAG_ROLE_SRV",

                "service_version": "0001"


            "transactionid": "4C161E6369AF0270E005CB3956CB4592",

            "timestamp": "20190421164513.0172470",

            "Error_Resolution": {

                "SAP_Transaction": "For backend administrators: use ADT feed reader \"SAP Gateway Error Log\" or run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP Gateway hub system and search for entries with the timestamp above for more details",

                "SAP_Note": "See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis ("


            "errordetails": [


                    "code": "SIAG_MSG/104",

                    "message": "Unable to convert date and time",

                    "propertyref": "",

                    "severity": "error",

                    "target": ""



Can you please help me with the way this call needs to be done. I believe it is for one role but i am not getting the way it needs to be done.