Change Number Ranges
MandBu · about 2 years ago · Question


i thought the number range in billing types comes from the Document Type. 

As Example in billing type  "F2", but there is not set a Document type.

But i have done some tests and i get numbers which beginning with:

00000000.. -> for SO or

00800000.. -> for Deliveries or

00900000.. -> for invoices and so on...

Where can i find these number ranges? And can I change these?

I don't found these number ranges in the Journal entry - Finance General Settings - define document number ranges.

So my current problem is, i want set a specific number range for billing type "F2" or another but these are all grey i can't set another document type.

Is there a solution in S/4 Hana Cloud?

Thanks for helping me.

Br mandy