IDOC interchange between two company code / plants in S/4
TK_ADB · almost 2 years ago · Question


Planning to implement a process in S/4 HANA Cloud for inter-company transfer of Goods between two plants in different company codes.

Current available option in ECC are:-

1. Stock Transport Order between plants (manufacturing plant sends goods to ordering plant based on the customer order)

2. Inter-company sales

3. IDOC transfer between two plants (two company codes) in same system.

Will all these option are available in S/4 Cloud (public)?

Mainly concern about the IDOC

Customer (external) sales order create in selling plant which will drive a purchase Order and that transmitted via IDOC to manufacturing plant and in the manufacturing plant IDOC create the sales order (internal transfer) that drives production order in Manufacturing plant (supplying plant).

After the completion of production, goods will be shipped against the Sales Order (internal) to the selling plant.

Later selling plant receiving against the Purchase Order, then ship back to the customer against the original external customer's sales order.

Important question:- Will IDOC transfer between two plants is possible like transfer and receiving of order confirmation and shipping notification?


Thillipan K