Willianto Alim
Down Payment
Willianto Alim · almost 2 years ago · Question
Willianto Alim

We have customer requirement for Sales Order with Down Payment (delivery related billing). Since there’s no scenario covering sales order with down payment (delivery related billing), we tried to used condition based down payment (Condition type AZWA, AZWB, AZDI). We input planned value in condition type AZWA that we maintained as header condition, and the value will transferred for every item in Sales Order.


But we have problem when we want to input down payment posting from FI to connect it with SO.

We have to input so many field such as:

  • Customer
  • Down Payment amount for every item in Sales Order
  • Sales Order Number
  • Sales Order Item

Otherwise, the value of the down payment will not updating condition type AZWB in Final Billing.

This condition also appear when we use this transaction in on Premise. But we can avoid that by creating Upload program.

Now in Hana Cloud, we can’t create upload program. Is there any other way how to make this transansaction became easier to do for user?